Our radio interview and new opportunities

184418_534490733236812_600901882_n702 DZAS, the radio station owned and operated by Far East Broadcasting Company (Phils.), Inc. invited us to guest in their Entre-Pinoy Espesyal (EPE) program. It is a segment where the hosts, Jo Alabastro and Lemuel Reunir interview entrepreneurs about their experiences in setting up and managing their businesses. We were very fortunate to have been invited to this program. After getting past our hesitation when we got the call, we decided to accept the engagement and prepared our answers to their guide questions.

Grace, the program coordinator welcomed us when we got to the radio station. Several minutes after, we were introduced to Jo Alabastro who was very candid and made us feel comfortable in talking to her. Before we knew it, we were already on-air! The interview felt very light, it just seemed like Joedex & I were just chatting with a new friend, and telling her about out love story, Pedro’s Buko beginnings, our business challenges and learning. Both Joedex and I were pleased and surprised how smoothly the interview flowed and we just felt thankful because we knew it was God’s grace that guided us through that experience. It was also heart-warming to receive text messages from my mom and dad congratulating us and telling us how proud they are of us.

Before we left the building, we decided to look around the food court. We were just curious what food carts were in the building canteen and lo and behold, a familiar voice called us. It was Cora, the leasing manager in one of our locations. We had lunch with her and she had some wonderful news for us. Looks like the next months will be very exciting!!!

In the afternoon, we looked around for new ideas and innovations to current products being offered in the market. I’m so thankful that Joedex and I are one in thinking that we have to constantly improve and innovate. We discuss, prick each other’s brains and play with ideas. I’m sure this simple activity of scanning the environment will prove to be beneficial to our business in the long run.

Our last meeting for the day was with Chinky, my previous school mate and service-mate. She’s sooo bubbly and I admire her high energy. I’m so glad to catch up with her! Time flew by so fast! Several years ago, we were both in grade school and we’d be together in our school service so early in the morning, going to Zensville, our alma mater. Now, we are both self-employed and we were happily sharing the lifestyle that we have in common this time. I’m so glad to see her so independent and driven! I hope the project we talked about will push thru.


Business permit renewal and interview invitation

January 9, 2013

Today, we started processing our papers to renew our business permits. We still had pending problems with the last branch that we applied for registration and it took us a little while to straighten it out. I am happy though, because we were able to finish settlement within the day.

In the past, Joedex & I had very unpleasant encounters with the Business Permits division in the City Hall. That is the reason why it is always with a heavy heart that we go inside the municipal building and transact with government employees. On our way to the City Hall, Joedex even said that I be the one to talk to the government employees because he wanted to minimize interacting with them, as much as possible.

It was a different case today, however. It seems like they treated us with respect and they acted with urgency. Perhaps, as with all other human beings, they now respond better because we treated them with respect in our previous encounters.

I commend Brgy. Bel Air’s systematic, orderly and quick processing of clearances. Even with last year’s applications, they have been consistent in delivering quality service to business owners/liaison officers.

Total damage for the renewals and new registration will be about P20,000. Next year, I’d have to put this in the forecasted expenses since that amount of money is quite big, if it was not prepared for.

Another blessing I received today was the call from Jay Gayda, Jr. from the Center for Small Entrepreneurs (CSE). I attended a training from them previously and he called me up to ask if I wanted to be interviewed in a radio program. I initially wanted to say NO for fear of doing something new and out of my comfort zone, but remembering Bo Sanchez’ talks, I just had to say YES to God’s blessings. As with this morning’s Powertalk I listened to, I need to Fail Forward. Our first radio interview might not be perfect tomorrow, but it sure is one step towards our goal of helping more people to become entrepreneurs. We might not be as big as the other businesses are, but our goal for tomorrow’s interview is not to impress, it is to share and to serve.